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Criminal Defense

The criminal justice system can be a cruel place if you do not have the right attorney standing by your side. Facing a criminal charge challenges the very core of your personal freedom, however, it also can affect many aspects of your life – you reputation, your employability, your driving privileges, just to name a few. My approach is to listen to your concerns and develop a strategy to meet your desired outcome. 

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! The American justice system is unparalleled in the protections afforded to those accused of a crime. However, unless you have a knowledgeable attorney, you may not know when law enforcement has crossed the line. If your right to be free of illegal searches, right to remain silent, or right to have an attorney by your side have been violated, the right attorney can make that work to your advantage in a criminal proceeding.

STAY OUT OF JAIL! Each and every criminal case carries the potential for jail time. I can help develop a strategy to minimize the risk of incarceration. I have successfully negotiated plea deals which have allowed clients to remain free from jail and reduced the collateral consequences of a conviction. I have vigorously advocated for clients in front of some of the toughest judges in Michigan. If your case requires going to trial, I have tried and won cases for clients whose freedom has depended on it.

PROTECT YOUR REPUTATION! Anyone who has been convicted of a crime knows the frustration and embarrassment of losing out on employment or educational opportunities due to a background check. The legal system often recognizes that good people make mistakes. Often times, I am able to negotiate a plea under advisement which allows a person to keep a clean record. If you have a conviction already on your record, I can help you apply for an expungement to clear your record.