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Business Law

Starting a business is exciting but also overwhelming. I know because I opened a business when I started my practice. I love the opportunity to assist small businesses in organizing, planning, and executing the legal aspects of their business.

PROTECT PERSONAL ASSETS! Forming a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) is simple enough to do. However, you must first choose the right entity. Once chosen, you must properly operate your entity in order to achieve the protections that they afford. I can not only set up your entity, but can properly advise and counsel you on the legalities and formalities of running a company.

STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS! Every business involves use of legal documents. I can draft and review contracts and leases so that you can operate your business with confidence.

RESOLVE DISPUTES! No business runs smoothly all of the time. Even the most diligent business people often end up facing litigation, whether it is due a disgruntled business partner, delinquent bills, or customer complaints. I can ease your worries by handling your court case and allow you to focus on your business.